The Benefits of a Motorsport-first Insurance Specialist

When it comes to motorsport, it makes sense to purchase a policy specifically tailored for the sport. Specialist insurance is designed to provide coverage for extraordinary and unexpected circumstances. A motorsport policy can include coverage for damage and fire sustained in an on-track accident, as well as insurance for teams and businesses, covering road vehicles, liability, and their assets.


The key advantage of working with a specialist motorsport underwriter, like Slipstream Underwriting, is their in-depth knowledge of the industry. Having underwriters who have both first-hand experience in the sport and expertise in insurance can be invaluable. By discussing your requirements with specialist underwriters who are well-versed in the unique risks of motorsport, can ensure that you are offered a policy that fully meets your needs, provides peace of mind and the necessary security and coverage in the event of a claim.


Furthermore, a motorsport-first underwriter can provide a level of education that is difficult to find elsewhere. They can easily put themselves in the customer’s shoes, and explain, in motorsport language, the various insurance considerations in a way that is easy to understand.


Having a deep knowledge of motorsport risk underwriting is key to creating bespoke, value-driven products that are not only financially beneficial, but also provide the necessary coverage for motorsport participants, businesses, teams, drivers, motor clubs, event organisers, and track owners — from amateur to professional. These tailored products are essential for ensuring the safety and security of all those involved in motorsport, and indeed the sustainability of the sport and its reputation.


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